Meet the Farmers

Kibò Farm is an independent, family-owned & operated farm which has been in the Di Salvo family for four generations. Liborio Di Salvo—the current owner’s grandfather—purchased the farm in 1930. Since then the farm’s reputation has grown to the point that Kibò now exports high-quality organic produce around the world. But from planting seeds and pruning to creating product labels and new recipes, the Di Salvo family still prefers doing everything themselves in order to maintain the highest standard and personal touch. Liborio Di Salvo would be proud to see that his great grandchildren love the land and the organic lifestyle just as much as he did.

Rosellina Di Salvo Briguglia
           -Owner/Business Manager

Maurizio Briguglia:
           -Agriculture and Cultivation

Laura Briguglia:

Eleonora Briguglia:
           -Sales and Marketing