What We Offer

We are a family that loves nature and enjoys living naturally off of the land and producing almost everything we need to live ourselves. We have a beautiful organic farm near Petralia Sottana (Sicily) and we welcome people from all over the world to visit. We love to share the natural beauty of Sicily and the secrets we’ve learned for living healthy and harmoniously with nature with you.

When you are on the farm it is as if all the burdens and crises of 21st century society have evaporated. Stress and age disappear. No traffic congestion, no pollution. Here shepherds still herd their sheep down the streets on the way to pasture.

The farmhouse is a rustic one, with thick stone walls, beams formed from tree trunks, and hand-laid plaster. It features a separate forno (baking kitchen), and a magazine for storing and preparing produce. We do our best to preserve the originality and historic, hand-made quality of the home while making modern improvements for sustainability and comfort.

We are a real organic farm in operation year-round. Each season has its own special sights and sensations, and we invite you to come and visit. We offer living accommodations, healthy home-cooked meals, and a variety of courses for those who would like to learn at their leisure.

We think you will be surprised how easy it is to cook organically, to grow your own ingredients, and to prepare delicious meals straight from your garden. We offer organic cooking courses, organic gardening courses, textile design courses (great for those who might want to make their own clothes), and watercolor for those who want to capture the beauty and experience on canvas.

For those who want the full organic farming experience, we do participate in the WWOOF program (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, www.wwoof.org). Please visit our WWOOF page for more information.

Be sure to visit the "Organic Living" section of our website for more information about our Organic Cooking Courses, Organic Gardening, and Art Courses.