The Kibò Way

We are a family that loves nature and enjoys living naturally off of the land and producing almost everything we need to live ourselves. We believe the beauty of the natural earth—the gentle sun, the rolling hills, the brilliant colors and textures of fruit fresh from the field—rejuvenate us and allow us to live a happy and healthy life.

Over the centuries agriculture has been ruled by the rhythms of nature. Over the last century, however, farming has gone through uncontrolled growth and development in order to meet an insatiable and diversified demand. This process has culminated in the excessive and indiscriminate use of fertilizers, pesticides and weed-killers. These practices have led to such high levels of contamination in underground water tables, rivers and seas, that now there are pesticides residuals in every stage of the food chain. So, how can we practice agriculture in a clean, responsible way today? Only by reclaiming our traditions, enriched by the help that technology and scientific research carried out in this century can provide.

In 1930 our great grandfather, Liborio Di Salvo—with a determination and love for farming—bought Kibò Farm, and we feel it is our responsibility today to continue with true dedication to take care of the farm in a way that works with nature and not against it. From just feeding ourselves in the beginning, we now deliver our extra-virgin olive oil Kibò all over the world.

Always keeping in mind the philosophy that one should tread lightly on the earth, we grow organically our own wheat, fruit, vegetables. From our fresh produce we make our own pasta and bread, jams and prepare our traditional home cooking all as flavourful as they are healthy.

We enjoy sharing ideas and learning from others. We invite people from all over the world to visit so we can learn about life from them while we share with them all we know of living and farming organically. Whether you are interested in helping on the farm as a WWOOF—or just looking for a memorable, rejuvenating vacation—we welcome you to visit.

We farm because we love to, and we take pride in everything we produce.

Kibò. Everything the natural way. Since 1930.