Nearby Attractions

Sicily is full of beauty and intrigue. Rolling hills, sleepy villages, farms, castles, seasides, ancient spas, grotte—this region of Sicily offers a wonderful escape. Every season has its own marvellous sights and celebrations. In the spring Sicily is green and lush, with craggy hills and mountains and gently rolling hills. The scenery is breathtaking.

We are happy to help arrange tours and give you an insider’s opinion so you can experience the places Sicilians love. The following is a list of nearby towns and villages which we think you might enjoy:

Villalba (7 km):
The closest village to Kibò Farm, Villalba is an adorable, quiet hill town in the center of Sicily in the province of Caltanissetta. It is known for the production of lentils and tomato. It is a great place to pick up a fresh pastry or lemon, almond granita, and to stroll the streets at any time of day.

Vallelunga (13 km)
A friendly midsize village—a great place to buy fresh ricotta and enjoy authentic Sicilian cuisine with locals at a fraction of the cost of city prices. Vallelunga also features the impressive seventheen century church of Chiesa Madre dedicated Madonna di Loreto - la Patrona cittadina in the center of piazza Umberto I. 

On the way to Vallelunga, you must visit the Santuario del Belice which is part of Marianopoli. At the top of the hill the Sanctuary with a large crucifix. Every year on the 5th of May, there is a celebration in which pilgrims arrive from all over Sicily, walking without wearing shoes.

Marianopoli (15 km from Kibò Farm)
Marianopoli’s impressive Archeological Museum holds artifacts from a nearby excavation, including some from prehistoric settlements in the late Bronze Age and the local Greek necropolis of Valle Oscura. Also be sure to visit the Ethnological Museum for a fascinating excursion into history and see what it was like to live in Sicily 100 years ago.

Resuttano: (17 km from Kibò Farm)
A pastel hill town which stands out against the forested backdrop of the Madonie Mountains. Don’t miss the ruins of the Castle of Resuttano

Madonie Mountains (25 km)
Located north of Tudia are several quaint and beautiful villages: Polizzi Generosa, Castellana Sicula, Petralia Sottana, and Petralia Soprana. Petralia is very characteristic of the medieval towns in the Madonie Mountatains, and is a splendid place to spend an afternoon. Nearby is Sclafani Bagni, an ancient natural spa prized for its “miracle water” as early as the 4th century B.C. There is also the remains of a Norman castle.

Caltanissetta (30 km)
Caltanissetta is very well known for its Archeological Museum and Museo Diocesano. It also has a very nice shopping center and elegant tea room with pastries and torroni—a Sicilian favorite. Near Caltanissetta is a natural preserve called Mount Capodarso.

Mussomeli (30km)
Mussomeli is a large town in Central Sicily. The drive to Mussomeli is spectacular with many rock formations and vistas. The Castle of Chiaramonte, which was built into the side of the mountain, is a must see. 

Calascibetta (40 km)
Calascibetta is a well-preserved ancient town located atop the mountain Erei. It is great for seeing medieval structures, traditional Sicilian houses, and beautiful old churches.

Alia (40 km)
Alia’s church is magnificent, with many beautiful statues, altars and paintings. Be sure to visit the Grotte della gulfa.

Enna (40 km)
Occupying a magnificent position (the highest capital in Italy), Enna is well known as the “Belvedere” (Beautiful Panorama) of Sicily. The most popular event is the Processione delle Settimana Santa,” a week-long festival beginning on Palm Sunday (March/April). Noteworthy monuments in Aidone include: Rocca di Cerere, Castello di Lombardia, and the Tower of Frederick II. The Museo Alessi is also worth a visit.

Lascari (40 km)
The closest beach to Kibò Farm, with white sand and blue water.

Aidone (50 km)
The Museo Archeologico di Aidone, located at the heart of Aidone, is spectacular.  It illustrates the history of Morgantina from the Bronze Age to the Roman age.
The site of Morgantina has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The earliest known remains of settlements date back to the thirteenth century B.C.

Cefalu’ (50 km)
A Norman town known for its architecture and lovely beaches.

Piazza Armerina (50 km)
Piazza Armerina is famous for its numerous Arab-Norman buildings and Baroque palaces and churches—and especially for the Roman villa del Casale (described below). There are many things to see: The Diocesan Museum, the Baroque church of St. Rocco, the numerous noble palaces, the Town hall with frescoes ceiling and the church of St. John, the Priorato of Saint Andrew, etc. Outside the city you can visit the Norman church of S. Andrew or Ronza Park, with all different kinds of wild animals.

The Roman villa del Casale, located just outside the pleasant town of Piazza Armerina, is one of Sicily's premier tourist attractions. The villa is spectacular—the most luxuriously appointed villa yet discovered anywhere in Italy. Among other things, the 37,000 square foot villa features 45 rooms and a peristylium (bath complex) large enough for a small town. The villa dates to approximately 300 AD.