Organic Cooking Courses

From the garden to the table, we share our experience of how to prepare delicious wholesome dishes in the Sicilian tradition.

Learn how to prepare and preserve table olives, how to sun-dry tomatoes, how to make your own breads and pasta from wheat, how to enhance any dish and benefit your body with herbs, and many other useful organic cooking tips. You’d be surprised at the delicious desserts you can make from organic ingredients: torta di ricotta, almond and pistachio cakes, walnut liqueur.


Sensory Experiences: Extra-virgin Olive Oil Tasting Experiences

How do you recognize good olive oil? What is the difference between fruity, bitter and spicy taste? Which oil goes better with fish and which exalts the flavor of meat? How do you keep olive oil so that its flavor remains intact over time?

At Kibò Farm you can discover all this by taking a short olive oil tasting course. We will show you how to warm special ampoules containing small quantities of oil in your hands so that you can appreciate its fragrance, and then teach you to recognize the organoleptic characteristics of the oil by tasting it using special ceramic spoons. You'll discover, for example, that the sensory profile of our oil is characterized by a deep intensity of the three main sensory descriptors of extra-virgin olive oils: ‘medium fruity’, ‘bitter’ and ‘spicy’, with hints of artichoke and almond.

The course also includes a brief olive history and discussion of their symbolic and health-giving properties, and concludes with a walk through the olive groves to discover the organic production methods of Kibò Farm.